Beyond Implementation

From major health systems to the small private practitioner, electronic medical records (EMR), electronic health records (EHR) and other medical information systems have the potential to improve both clinical and financial outcomes.

But it takes more than a successful launch. Despite the best intentions and arduous efforts, for many organizations, the long-term prognosis is negative or, at best, uncertain.

Making the most of healthcare information technology is one of the key success drivers in medicine today, with the power to transform patient care while driving organizational excellence.

Our publication, “Beyond Implementation: A Prescription for the Adoption of Healthcare Technology,” has been praised by executives from the nation’s top healthcare organizations as the definitive guide to successful information technology adoption.Using experiences gained from real life implementations, the book distills success down to four crucial factors your leadership will want to read about today.Get your copy of “Beyond Implementation: A Prescription for the Adoption of Healthcare Technology.”